Kitt Rose

KITT ROSE is a dedicated bookaholic with a love of scarves, warm blankets, and unicorns. She grew up in Wisconsin but now calls Indiana home. Perpetually cold, she steals body heat from hubby, son, and even the cat under the guise of cuddles.

When she isn’t engrossed in fictional characters, Kitt procrastinates doing the laundry, watches scary movies while covering her eyes, and plays the occasional video game.

Random facts and other weirdness

  • I hate Styrofoam. It’s my nails on the chalk board (which doesn’t bother me.)
  • In third grade I nursed a grudge against the state of Michigan for “stealing” Wisconsin. We’d just learned about erosion in school. Apparently, I took it as an attack against my home state.
  • I have social anxiety and am extremely introverted but I’ve worked most of my life in customer service or retail.
  • My day job is with an investment advisor. I assist the financial planner and run an active blog.
  • I love pierogies! As a young child I went through a phase where I wouldn’t eat potatoes. My mom told me pierogi were fish to get me to try them. For years, I referred to them as “pierogi fish.”
  • Take5 is my favorite candy bar followed closely by Reese’s Eggs, Trees, or Hearts.