Get Your Copy of Inked in the Music

Love can heal or leave only scars…


A single, coffee-stained piece of paper destroyed my entire world. Even so, I refuse to let it break me. Grabbing nothing more than a duffle bag of clothes and my beloved violin, I run fast and far from all I’ve ever known. When this fresh start lands me in the arms of a heavily-inked tattoo artist, I convince myself I’m free of the ugliness behind me. But how can I learn to trust him when every relationship in my life was built on lies?  


I don’t do innocent. Still, something about my new neighbor draws me in. Most likely her dimples—I’ve always been a sucker for those. Whatever it is, I know I must proceed with caution with this skittish beauty. The scars she carries cut deep, making her wary of love. But when I make a stupid mistake that breaks Z’s trust, can I find a way to earn back what’s been lost? Or will I add a fresh bruise to her battered heart?