Inked Series

Inked on My Heart (Book 1)

Love can be permanent. Or only skin deep…

Accidentally running into her life-long crush in the men’s room was embarrassing enough. But Joey just couldn’t keep her big mouth shut.

Joey buried her mother and ended her engagement in the same month. Hooking up with Ty might be a horrible idea, but Joey can’t seem to stay away.

The tattoos Ty creates are permanent, his relationships aren’t. His little sister’s shy best friend is all grown up and gorgeous. He can’t help but chase her.

Joey bears the marks of her past and Ty’s afraid to become his philandering father. Both will have to let go of their fears and take a chance if they have any hope of a future together. 

Inked in the Music (Book 2)

Coming October 16th, 2020

Love can heal or leave only scars…


A single, coffee-stained piece of paper destroyed my entire world. Even so, I refuse to let it break me. Grabbing nothing more than a duffle bag of clothes and my beloved violin, I run fast and far from all I’ve ever known. When this fresh start lands me in the arms of a heavily-inked tattoo artist, I convince myself I’m free of the ugliness behind me. But how can I learn to trust him when every relationship in my life was built on lies?  


I don’t do innocent. Still, something about my new neighbor draws me in. Most likely her dimples—I’ve always been a sucker for those. Whatever it is, I know I must proceed with caution with this skittish beauty. The scars she carries cut deep, making her wary of love. But when I make a stupid mistake that breaks Z’s trust, can I find a way to earn back what’s been lost? Or will I add a fresh bruise to her battered heart?