Sins of Proteus Series

Malicious Envy (Book 1)

For a chance at forever they must fight to survive.

Devastated by a series of horrific losses, Liberty Dahl returns home after nearly a decade. While she comes in search of the security of family, she instead finds herself a pawn in a ruthless power struggle.

Asher knew Libby was his mate from his first shift at thirteen, when his veins ignited with the violet light of the Marked. Now, with her return, he’s hell bent on revealing his supernatural secret in hopes of claiming her as his own. Only then will he feel ready to assume his rightful place as Alpha.

But an enemy hidden within the shadows of the pack seeks to prevent his rise to power. This fierce rival sees Ash’s human mate as a vulnerable target easy to exploit. Can Libby and Ash uncover the adversary plotting against them? Or will the malicious scheming cost them their love?

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Cruel Pride (Book 2)

Their hearts and minds aren’t the only thing at risk…

Marie Whittier-Collins joined a coven of witches without being entirely sure she believed in magic. All that changed when she saw an eerie candle burning in the remains of a fire-ravaged house. To prove she belongs in the coven, it falls to her to illuminate a deeper plot against the Protean pack.

Wolf-shifter Elliot Stefan believed his pack had defeated their enemies. But when threatening signs re-emerge, he’s forced to take drastic measures to keep his family safe. Posing as a newly married man is an ill-fitting guise for the commitment-phobe. Still, the fact that his fake wife is smoking hot makes the situation far more enticing. 

Thrown together the polar opposites Marie and Elliot venture into the Canadian wilderness to hunt their enemy. With an ancient evil lurking in the beautiful countryside, the pair must battle against their growing attraction and concentrate all they have on making it out alive. 

Coming Winter 2020