Kitt writes romance–contemporary, urban fantasy and paranormal.

A few of her “completed” manuscripts:

BoundBound: A Kindred Novel

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Alina Summer found her guardian dead in their sunny kitchen.  Her beloved aunt was shot in the head while baking cookies.  At the funeral, Alina’s secret physic gift steals a thought from her father—he is convinced that his sister’s murder is connected to the disappearance of Alina’s mother years ago.  Alina doesn’t understand how, and she can’t ask without outing herself.  No one knows what she can do.

Elias Grayson works for Alina’s father.  She’s drawn to him from the first, and the feeling is mutual.  But Eli has his own secret.

Torn: A Kindred Novel

Urban Fantasy Romance

Book two in the Kindred series.  Picks up three months after Bound.

Malicious Envy.png

Malicious Envy

Paranormal Romance

She never suspected her childhood love wasn’t human… 

Almost broken by a series of horrific losses, Liberty Dahl returns home after nearly a decade, only to find she is a pawn in a ruthless power struggle.

Asher Stefen is a wolf-shifting Protean, one of a race created by a Titan god to destroy his enemies. Before he can ascend to Alpha status, Asher must be reunited with his fated mate.

Libby is that mate.

Now, a fierce rival has arisen to thwart their fated union. Together, they must defeat their adversary and end his foul scheme or all is lost, including their love. 

And their lives…

Inked on My Heart

Contemporary Romance

Life hasn’t gone exactly how twenty-three year old Josephine Hill pictured. Her mother’s sudden death brings the cracks in her current relationship into stark relief and she breaks her engagement. Licking her wounds, she goes home to help her newly widowed father.

It’s not really running away, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling like a failure.
Her first night home, a trip to a corner bar with some old friends and an urge to pee find her in a compromising position with her high school crush. To her utter disbelief, Ty the tattooed god, aggressively pursues her. Swept up in the unexpected whirlwind romance Joey wonders if she can trust the former heart breaker not to break her heart.

Inked in Song

Contemporary Romance

She’s lived a tough life.  Her mother’s a drug addict, always searching out her next high and dragging sleezy, abusive men home with her.  Zirah flees the trashy trailer she grew up in.  And the lies she’s uncovered that change the very fabric of everything she thought she knew.

Z takes her violin, her most prized possession, and hops two buses, and moves in above a tattoo studio. For the first time in her life she’s free.  And without her mother’s bad reputation haunting her every movement she actually makes some friends.

And of course there’s this guy…

Tall and tattooed, Dennis is not like anyone she’s ever known.  He’s worldly, experienced, and his last girlfriend…  Well, there’s no way Z can compete.  But something just keeps pulling her back.