Progress in spite of everything

Last week was rough. We had to make an unexpected trip out of state for a funeral that devoured the week. Plus, the days we were home I wasn’t exactly in the mood to create. I was tired, and sad. Still, I managed to edit another four chapters. One of those chapters, I promise you I re-edited at least four times. Specifically one section of it.

Looking at my track changes made me ask myself if I actually liked anything I’d written in that section. It was nearly solid red. But I managed to get it to where I like it (mostly.) I still have one awkward transition I need to revisit, but I’m hoping the good fairy of inspiration will hit me with an idea soon.

So despite losing four days of the week I managed to move forward and… Here’s the big one. I started querying my first novel, Bound.

It wasn’t as hard to pull the trigger as I had thought. I’d planned on waiting until after a contest I had entered was announced, but a friend from my local chapter of the Romance Writers of America asked me why the hell I was waiting. Well, it was a damn good question.

Why was I waiting? I think it was mostly mental. Having a date in my mind was something akin to starting a diet, or quitting smoking. It’s not today, so nothing’s changing or happening YET. It wasn’t so far away to be unreasonable. It was really just a way, however well reasoned, of procrastinating.

I’m done procrastinating.

So I sent out a few queries. Now comes the epic waiting, and the continued searching.

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