Edits to my 2017 NaNoWriMo Book

Right now I’m calling it Malicious Envy, but who knows if it will keep through edits. This is the first book I’ve plotted out before writing. It made the process easier in some ways. My typical problem spots didn’t give me their usual trouble. (Around 50k I normally hit a wall or just run out of writing steam, and neither happened.)

I’m editing blind. I’ve received some feedback on the first two chapters, but everything else is just my opinion.

Editing is super hard for me because I lose motivation quickly. Already I had a plot bunny scratching at my brain and a new idea appeared. Okay, two of them. So in the meantime, while I’m editing my heart out, I’m scratching those ideas down and filing them away in the “future project” folder.

M.E. is a urban fantasy, or maybe paranormal romance, depending on how you classify. There are werewolves, but their origin story is a bit unique (I hope.) It’s a suspense, with a little mystery. And of course, there’s a love story in the mix.

I’ve got two chapters edited, hoping for three more this week but we shall see.

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